Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blind Date With A German

I overheard a friend talking about her. Just a few words, but so enchanting, so inviting. I got her number and immediately called her for a date. I had understood that she was German, But apart from that I didn't know her, hadn't even seen or heard her. But those word of my friend. I just couldn't not call her. She wouldn't know me either. It was a wayward chance. But she agreed ! Oh really, …. surprisingly, …. shockingly she agreed !! She agreed to come over very next day !!!
She came, we met. and what happened afterwards ….. even Gods would call that divine ! It was not her eyes, nor her smile. Actually she hardly smiled. There was serenity in eyes. We talked. But mostly she talked and I listened. She talked about earth and sky, she talked about her roots and her fantasies. She talked about her tree and the grass around. She talked about her branches intwining. She spoke of her fragrances and the juices they are made of and of the juices she gets from the soil she is rooted. She talked of deep soil her roots have reached and each tiny cells her roots are made of. She spoke of what she is made of and what she makes. She let me know both her inside and her outside.
And she let off her coverings , one by one, to show not just her amazing body but all her intense inside. Her beautiful shine and those intriguing scars at awkward places. Her grace was disciplined and her discipline spontaneous.
She offered me her milk, and her venom. When I drank both, she took me in and melted into me. I am a different person now.

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